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The final results of the Second Social Learning Strategies

Tournament are in! Please check here for results.


Social Learning
An Introduction to Mechanisms,
Methods, and Models
By William Hoppitt
& Kevin N. Laland

Table of Contents
Chapter 1

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Social Learning:

An Introduction to

Mechanisms, Methods and Models


Other recent publications include:

Identification of the social and cognitive processes underlying human cumulative culture.
L.G. Dean, R.L. Kendal, S.J. Schapiro, B. Thierry and K.N. Laland. 2012. Science 335: 1114-1118.

Cause and effect in biology revisited: Is Mayr's proximate-ultimate dichotomy still useful?
K.N. Laland, K. Sterelny, F.J. Odling-Smee, W. Hoppitt and T. Uller. 2011. Science 334: 1512-1516.

Darwin in mind: New opportunities for evolutionary psychology.
J.J. Bolhuis, G.R. Brown, R.C. Richardson and K.N. Laland. 2011. PLoS Biology 9: e1001109.

Why copy others? Insights from the social learning strategies tournament.
L. Rendell, R. Boyd, D. Cownden, M. Enquist, K. Eriksson, M.W. Feldman, L. Fogarty, S. Ghirlanda, T. Lillicrap and K.N. Laland. 2010. Science 328: 208-213.

How culture has shaped the human genome: Bringing genetics and the human sciences together.
K.N. Laland, F.J. Odling-Smee and S. Myles. 2010. Nature Reviews Genetics 11: 137-148.

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