Life in the Laland lab – a virtual tour
(of sorts…)

For he’s a jolly good fellow! The man they call ‘The Professor’ is made FRSE.


The Laland Group enjoy a typical sunny day in St Andrews.

Lewis testing chimpanzees with a cumulative social learning task. Lewis is on the left.

One bird takes exception at Kevin’s claim that keas are rubbish at social learning.

The Laland lab curling team official photo.



Prof. Laland leading from the front; our Curling World Championship campaign was brave-hearted, but brief.



First you have to catch the fish (Jeremy rises to the challenge)…

funbosjon 001

Then you must kneel and give thanks (Mike sinks to the occasion).


A day in the cold room can blur your vision…


so boat trips in Madeira are neccesary health and safety precautions (luckily neither Lewis or Kevin were seasick)…

As indeed are Luke’s cetacean research trips.

Lewis demonstrating a fundamental principle of social learning: It only works when the behaviour you learn is appropriate for the environment you are in. Just because it worked for Jon Travolta…