Position open: PhD candidate

We¬†are currently receiving applications from prospective PhD candidates for the project, “Adaptive trends and parallel evolution generated by niche construction”. Applications close 5th December 2016.

Information about this project and the application process can be found on the School of Biology PhD study website.


Would you like to join our lab?

The Laland lab is a vibrant, stimulating and friendly research community, currently consisting of the Principal Investigator, the Lab Administrator, 9 postdoctoral research fellows, and 7 graduate students. While each lab member has their own project, there is a high degree of collaboration and a teamwork ethos. The broad array of experimental, mathematical and statistical methods employed, and research on a wide range of animals, provides new members with excellent opportunities to broaden their skills. The lab is extremely productive, having published 12 books and over 190 scientific articles over the last 15 years.

The University of St Andrews offers good facilities for bird and fish behavioural research, while the nearby Edinburgh zoo houses the newly constructed Living Links to Human Evolution primate research facility. The Laland lab are also members of the Centre for Social Learning and Cognitive Evolution, a world-renowned centre of excellence for research into social learning and the evolution of complex cognition, with over 50 academic staff, post-docs and graduate students, and numerous national and international collaborators. This Centre provides a highly stimulating and supportive setting for our research.

We would encourage applications from talented and committed potential graduate students, masters students, and postdoctoral researchers. Independent scientists (e.g. on sabbatical) and holders of postdoctoral fellowships are also welcome.